Engagement Session - A Love Shoot

I LOVE Engagement Sessions – they’re a chance for me to get to know you as well as a great opportunity for you to just have fun and get used to being in front of the camera. To prepare for your Love Shoot, we’ll have an initial consultation to figure out the look and feel for your photographs.

It's your love shoot - just have fun.

Selecting a Location

One of my favorite things to do with a couple is to find an engagement location that best represents you– something artsy, outdoorsy, urbansy, or any other “…sy” you have in mind! I can help give ideas for awesome spots, but I also LOVE hearing from you. The ideas my couples have for secret places always blows my mind. When thinking of the perfect place for your engagement photography session, we can go somewhere that has an important meaning to you (like the super cute ice cream shop where you had your first date) or a place that is simply stunning.

Erica B Photography: The Perfect Location might be right around the corner

Erica B Photography: Selecting a Location

The Clothes

Erica B Photography: The Clothes

Complementing styles and colors are good things to think about when selecting your outfit for your engagement session. Wearing clothes in the same color family makes your photos looks polished (example: bold blue and light blue), while wearing the exact same color looks dated (think: 1980’s family photo session). Look coordinated, not matching. In general, engagement photos look best when the outfits are on the same formality level. You and your fiancé should look like you’re headed to the same place (i.e. don’t wear a fancy cocktail dress when your fiancé is wearing a grungy jeans and a t-shirt). Keep away from tops with big logos or a lot of writing or small repeating patterns on them and stick to more fitted/non-baggy clothing. Complete your look by wearing a funky necklace or earrings and accent your clothes with a great pair of shoes (yes your feet will be in photos). Lastly, don’t forget about your location when planning for your perfect engagement session outfit. Clothes put people in context, so remember to be appropriately dressed for the location. One caveat to this rule is that it can work to contrast your clothing style with your location, but you really have to get it right. Think: fancy, formal dress on a sandy beach or a hipster suit in a vineyard. Before your session, be sure to launder and iron your clothes to remove any wrinkles, as they will show up in your photos.  Also, grab a digital camera and take a test shot of your outfit. Clothing often looks much different in a photo than it does in a mirror. A test shot is a surefire way of knowing you will love your outfit in your photos.

The bottom line to selecting an outfit, however, is to wear something that best represents you. The last thing you want is to look back at all your pictures and not know who is in them. Don’t wear something because you thought it looked cute in another person’s photos. Your pictures will look much more natural if you and your fiancé would normally wear the outfits you picked. Be sure to bring a few pairs of clothes (and some comfortable shoes if you plan to wear heals for your engagement shoot) – it will give you a variety of looks for our time together. If you want to bring props, pets, ponies, etc., terrific! I’m totally up for discussing themes and ideas prior to your session to make sure your engagement shoot comes together perfectly!

The Engagement Shoot

Be ready to have fun!! To get the best lighting, we’ll have your engagement session about 2 hours before sunset. I’ll give you direction for what to do but if you have ideas I’d love to hear them. We’ll spend our time exploring the location to get the best light and backgrounds for your pictures… and I usually end of with dirt stains on my clothes so I can get the perfect angle for your photos!

Tips and Tricks
  • Although you may feel silly, posing in front of a mirror can make you feel more confident in front of a camera.
  • Stick to matte make-ups unless you really know what you are doing. It is super easy for shiny/glittery/shimmery makeup to reflect light and make you look oily  in a photo.
  • Don’t be afraid to act silly. Photos look best when you’re relaxed and having fun.

Young couple taking candid, natural engagement photos by photographer Erica B Photography Engagement_Beach_Woods_nature_sunlight_flare_vintage_chic_Bay_Area_San_Francisco_Jose_Berkeley_International_Sacramento__England_London_European_Wedding_Bespoke_Photos_photographer_Erica_B_destination0001aNatural and candid photojournalistic Engagement photo of a young asian couple on a Bay Area beach by Erica B Photography

Receiving Your Engagement Photographs

About one month after your engagement session, I’ll send your custom-edited, high-resolution images though Dropbox so you’ll be able to download your images directly to your computer. From there you can paint the town red with your beautiful photos.

Erica B Photography: Receive your photos via a hassle-free download