When friends Kate and Adam asked me to do some family photos with their sweet little boy, I was over the moon. They are such a sweet family so it was an honor to capture this special moment in their lives (and as you’ll be able to see, have a very photogenic boy… he was […]


    I am super excited to share Christine and Howard’s wedding with y’all. You guys, this couple is delightful! And that’s easy to see that from their photos. For their big day, they had their intimate wedding at a private venue in Pope Valley. It’s full of lovely DIY decorations, my favorite one being the cake centerpieces […]

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        I was really excited to meet Kevan and Keri- both currently live in Pittsburgh so all of our communication has been over Skype and email.  And let me tell you, they are just as lovely in person as they look in the photographs. My heart still smiles as I think about our time together. Kevan, the Director […]

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