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I’m a fun-loving photojournalist working throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento region, and London. Ever since the young age of eight, I have always had a camera in my hands. In fact, one of my favorite childhood memories was going on father-daughter photography dates on the weekends. I have thoroughly enjoyed capturing life’s special moments for my clients – from California to destination locations around the world – and I consider it a joy to be a part of these memories!

My approach to my work is a synthesis of photojournalism and editorial photography. I look for the candid moments that capture the emotions you will want to remember forever. What is most important to me is that the personalities of my clients shine through every picture. Every photo session is unique and that is my favorite part about being a photographer.

Besides my passion for wedding photography, here are a few things I love…

My husband. Family. Friends. Taking beautiful photos. Dark chocolate. Traveling. Hot showers on a cold day. Finding money in my pockets. Summer. Grace. My portable heater. Trader Joe’s. Crafting.  Tart frozen yogurt. The Chargers. Hiking. Board games. Looking at childhood photos. Snowboarding. Finding amazing deals at thrift stores. Decorating my Christmas tree. Receiving letters in the mail. Picnics. Pancakes. Cornbread from Boston Market. Judge Judy. Kitties. A Dutch accent. Mangos. Dancing. Growing my own plants. Road trips. Tasty meals. Smelling cologne on my husband. Haiku Poetry. Watching the Oscars.  Candles. Sunshine. Lip gloss. Pink lemonade with mint. Cooking for friends and family. Slap-stick comedy. The magazine, Real Simple. Skype. Margaritas. Garage Sales. A Jacuzzi. Love.